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The Abandoned Ones
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Pets are abandoned every day. 
Whether they get dropped off at shelters, are left on the street,
kicked out of their home, released at some unknown location,
the list goes on. 

Our hearts go out to these innocent animals who were once a 
member of a family. Itís also a fact many pets are abandoned
at veterinarian offices and boarding facilities.  

Itís hard to think about and hard to imagine, isnít it?
But it is a fact and WE ARE NO EXCEPTION. 
The cats that have been abandoned with us have ranged in ages
from a few years old to 19+ seniors.  

Who would do such a thing? Do they not care? Do they think we
keep them all?? Do they feel they are safe with us? Do they not
know we are a place of business rather than an animal control facility? 
Do they think itís easy to place a cat? We do spend tons of time and
money trying to locate owners only to get ignored, phones turned off,
phony numbers, fake names, bogus addresses, and the list goes on. 
You name it we have seen it all.  So we wait and we wait and we wait.
Itís not right. Itís cruel. 

The pet feels it. We have seen it first-hand. We do follow New York State
animal abandonment laws, we have an attorney, but it doesnít help 
the numerous sad sweet pets who have been dumped over the last 18 years. 

As many of you may realize this causes extreme hardship for our business.
Feeding, vetting, and taking care of an abandoned pet is extremely costly,
not to mention the time involved looking for the perfect home. And rarely,
if ever, do we find a home. This all takes up our valuable resources, time,
and money. 

We have set up a PayPal account if you feel the need to help us with costs, etc. 
We appreciate your support and, most importantly, the pets appreciate it more.

Much Love & Blessings, 


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Rochester, New York  14613

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Abandoned Cats

 UP FOR ADOPTION -- Bianco is our most recent abandonment.  He is a very
sweet 15-year-old male. He is up to date with vaccinations and extremely
healthy. You would never know he is 15! He is a total love and lap cat.
He is sweet as sweet can be. We are looking for a quiet home for him so
he can enjoy his senior years with someone to love. And he will love you
right back. He looks for attention, loves to explore and will reward you
with is silly antics & make you laugh. We are confident he was a
comedian in his past life!  Email or call us if interested in this
amazing sweet boy.
Bianco Bianco

Gracie Mehitabel

Tommy Sophie