Cheryl's Kitty B&B 

Sound ridiculous? 
Think again! Cats love to scratch whether by you, 
a corner, a chair leg or some other object. 
Why not treat your kitty to luxury spa treatment 
during their stay.

Head, Face, Neck & Shoulder Massage
A stimulating and de-stressing massage 
followed by a warm blanket body wrap.  $15

Back Massage
Long flowing strokes that warms muscle tissue, 
increases circulation and releases stress by 
bringing your cats body in balance, followed by 
a warm blanket body wrap. 
Wonderful!  $15

Paw and Leg Massage
Cats love their legs and pressure points beneath 
their paws massaged. Most fall asleep during this 
massage!  $15

Eyes Wiped and Ears Cleaned
With a herbal soothing cleanse.  $10

Nails Trimmed - $10
Nails Painted - $5
Brushing and Gentle Dry Bath - $20

All treatments include a calm relaxing atmosphere 
with aromatherapy and soft music. 


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