Cheryl's Kitty B&B 


* Individual one-on-one attention
* A safe & healthy environment
* Your kitty has their own bedroom
* Fresh filtered water
* Warm & Cozy in the winter/air conditioned 
  in the summer
* Ionized air purifier in your kitty's room
* Security System
* Lots of play time
* Plenty of windows for sunshine & 
* Goodnight treat
* Relaxing background music
* Treats & catnip (with owners permission of
* Lots of hugs & kisses
* We specialize in long term stays

We are also happy to look after your rabbit, Guinea Pig, rodents, birds, reptile, or anything else you can think of! Contact us for details.
Can't make the time to take your cat to the vet? Let us do it!

If you are more comfortable leaving your pet at home, we will be happy to come to your house! Plus, we will take in your mail, water your plants, etc.

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